Michael Goldsmith 04-27-16

Michael Goldsmith is our Personal Injury Attorney member. Michael described the type of case that his office handles as medical malpractice, nursing home negligence, auto or truck accident injury, slip and Fall injuries. Michael says that we should listen to people who tell you that they have something wrong and ask them how it happened. He said that often people will exaggerate or hide the truth. Whenever he is looking for the info to determine the validity of the case, he is in the position of having to sort out the truth. He gave the example of a truck vs taxi accident where only through Michael’s probing of the facts was discovered that the weight of the load the truck was hauling was a determining factor in the stopping time and distance of the truck. Micheal then fielded questions from the PRO members who were interested. Remember Michael Goldsmith and Goldsmith Law Office when you hear your associates mention that they have experienced a personal injury through someone else negligence and are interested in finding out whether they would be eligible for compensation.

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