Michael Goldsmith 05-17-18

Mike’s area of practice includes Nursing Home/Medical malpractice, Premises injury and car accidents.

He told of a recent case of a bus hitting a car trying to make a left turn on a stale yellow light. The car turned in front of the bus in order to get out of the intersection. The bus had room to stop but kept going through the light.

One of the car passengers was a 6 year old girl who suffered severe cuts to her face from the broken glass. The mother raced to the hospital to get help for her daughter and in her absence was ticketed for the crash because the bus driver lied about what happened.

Mike was able to prove in court, using video from the bus, that the bus driver was the one actually at fault. He thinks he will be able to get a large monetary verdict on the case.

Give Mike a call any time you think there might be grounds for a case. Most times not but he’s happy to talk to you and settle your mind about it.

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