Michael Goldsmith 11-19-14

Michael Goldsmith is our Personal Injury Attorney member. Michael outlined his business services as including the legal process from the initial insurance claim stage through presenting the case at trial. He is a litigator in that he personally will represent his client’s in court rather than just accepting a settlement. He handles cases involving autos, trucking, motorcycle, premises, even commercial or residential slip-and fall cases.

At one point in his legal career, he worked to represent insurance companies, but now he handles personal injury claims. Michael mentioned that he also handles medical malpractise cases. He cited a case he presented for a child with a birth injury. Often the cases are based on a failure to diagnose or the doctor failed to act so that the case that potentially could have been curable or treatable became incurable or untreatable. He also mentioned that he handles nursing home abuse or neglect. Nursing homes can be understaffed and result in poor care. Improper feeding techniques are an issue. Abuse may be covered up and you often don’t recognize the abuse or neglect until someone you know is affected.

Michael mentioned that it is essential to contact an attorney as soon as possible so that you don’t say things to an insurance company that will ultimately affect your rights to filing a claim. Michael then fielded questions from the PRO members. Remember Michael Goldsmith and Goldsmith Law Firm when you hear your associates mention that they are involved in a personal injury issue and seeking representation.


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