Michael Goldsmith 12-09-15

Michael Goldsmith is our Personal Injury Attorney member. Michael discussed liability exposure. This could come from personal, personal property (such as auto or home). Michael pointed out that your exposure comes when you have done something to your property after a natural occurence (such as shoveling the snow or salting ice) and someone falls on your property. Or you have loose stairs. With your car, you could have exposure if you have an accident.

Michael listed several cases he has been involved with that had personal injury implications. Allowing your children to have a party in your home could expose you to liability. Business liability comes from an employee or a customer hurting themselves in your facility. This could even be if an employee hits someone. Michael discussed a negligent hire and the use of a temporary agency for hiring staff. Michael indicated that he represents both the plaintiff and the defendant sides of personal injury lawsuits.

Remember Michael Goldsmith and The Goldsmith Law Firm when you hear your associates mention that they are seeking the services of a personal injury lawyer. 

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