Michael Goldsmith 4-8-15

Michael Goldsmith is our Personal Injury Attorney member. Michael handles all types of personal injury claims. He cautioned that it is important to contact legal services such as what he offers as soon as possible so that all of your rights are preserved from the beginning. He stressed the importance of caution in talking to either your insurance company or the other one. Michael has had experience on both sides of personal injury cases both on the plaintiff and the defendant sides. Michael is paid on a contingency basis so he is selective on the cases that he will accept. He handles auto injury cases,  premises cases as well as nursing home (abuse and neglect as a result of improper supervision) cases. He begins the case as though it is going to trial rather than just assuming a settlement at the start. He builds his cases thoroughly with tons of research. He also stressed that if you feel something is wrong, it is worth having the matter looked at by legal advisor.

Remember Michael Goldsmith and Goldsmith Law Firm when you hear your associates mention that they are looking for a personal injury lawyer.

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