Michael Goldsmith 8-24-16

Michael discussed the areas that people are exposed to being sued.If someone is injured inside¬†your property due to your negligence they could sue otherwise it might be covered under homeowner’s insurance. Outside they can sue for “unnatural” accumulation of snow, ice, etc. Not if it just falls from the sky but if you didn’t clear out blocked gutters and ice dumped on your sidewalk.¬†

You should work with bonded, insured professional contractors and not just neighborhood kids or you may be liable for their injuries while working.

Be careful when having parties with teenagers if drinking is involved. It may not be your kid but a friend who gets drunk and is injured.

Good to have specific employee policies documented in a handbook or could be sued for injuries and/or sexual harrassment.

Give Michael a call if you hear about someone having been injured due to someone else’s negligence.

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