Michael Peysakovich 03-25-20

Everyone hates to say “I told you so”. However, that’s exactly where many businesses are finding themselves in today’s landscape who did not take heed to Michael’s presentation before the start of the new year.  

Late last year, Michael and Everactive solutions harped on ensuring your business had a disaster recovery plan in place, in case environmental or data compromises occurred.  At this point in time, because of the current digitization of many businesses, it is even more imperative for them to have this recovery plan put in place. Having a company such as Everactive Solutions ensure that you are protected while going virtual. 

Along with many of the statistics that Michael doled out during his presentation, the one that stood out the most was the fact that 93% of small businesses who did not have a disaster plan in place had to file for bankruptcy after one year. 

During this current crisis, Michael also advised us to look out for potential phishing emails sent out with COVID-19 information.  Be cautious of any links or attachments that may be sent in these emails and DO NOT CLICK on them.  Ensure they’re always coming from a trusted source and triple check the email address.

For more information on Everactive Solutions and the protection they can provide, visit https://everactive.net/ today.

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