Michael Peysakovich 1-22-20

Y2K was the least of our worries.  Michael was able to show us the real meaning of protecting you and your business in the age of cybercrime, and how you can prepare yourself when an attack acutally occurs.

The services that Everactive Solutions provides to their clients is priceless, in many times ensuring that your business is able to survive an impending attack.

Michael was able to provide us with ravaging statistics that truly make you second guess why an IT disaster recovery plan isn’t put in place at EVERY business. 

Michael gave us the 3 basic strategies when it comes to creating a sufficient recovery plan which includes detection, prevention and protection.  The solutions offered by Everactive allows users to prepare for attacks that could occur through environmental damage, natural causes, or man made malware.

The stats that Michael was able to provide were also staggering:

43% of businesses close when they’re breached just once 
40% of businesses had a natural disaster take down their system
52% of issues occur from man-made or environmental causes
75% of businesses do NOT have a disaster recovery plan
96% of businesses that HAD a disaster recovery plan were able to stay in business

Learn how you can protect your business and its assets by getting in touch with Michael and the group at Everactive Solutions by visiting https://everactive.net/ today.

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