Mike Blanski 07-08-15

Patrick Karpowicz spoke for Mike Blanski who is our Certified Public Accountant member. Patrick told us that the IRS’s level of service has dropped dramatically recently and they have 13,000 fewer employees. They often do not answer their help line phones or the wait time stretches beyond 50 minutes. Patrick also mentioned that the wait time on the IRS professional help line is not any better. He stated that if you get a letter from the IRS the first thing to do is Not Panic!. 67% of the issues that they send you a letter for are incorrect. The systems used in the IRS are very old, have not been updated, and there is very little crosstracking. The most important thing to do is to look at what the notice says to determine what the issue is. You can always contact Mike Blanski for help with IRS issues. Once you have submitted your response, be prepared to wait. Less that 50% of the responses are answered in 45 days.

Remember Mike Blanski and Graff, Ballauer & Blanski when you hear your associates mention that they are in need of the services of a certified public accounting firm.

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