Mike Blanski 12-3-14

Mike Blanski is our Certified Public Accountant member. Mike has 18 people working in his firm. About 50% of their business comes from auditing closely held companies and Not For Profits. Currently they are doing a lot of pre-auditing work prior to filing 2014 taxes for these entities.

Mike started out as an intern doing public accounting and joined his current firm in 1983. He soon became partner and thereafter president. He described¬†one of their niches as being part of an association of CPS firms across North America and Internationally. The association affiliation gives them a database of resources for their clients and an exchange of ideas among the members. There is also an international group that can provide the exchange of referrals. Mike’s firm is in the business of providing pre-tax planning for businesses. They can also provide audits for employee benefit plans (like 401K plans. Usually companies with less than 100 employees require these types of audits.

Mike considers that the benefits of using his firm is that they are user-friendly and can respond quickly to their clients needs. He also mention that they have a section that are certified fraud examiners. Mike then fielded questions from the members. Many PRO members also contributed testimonials as to the work that Mike and his firm have provided to them or their referrals. Remember Mike Blanski and Graff, Balllauer and Blanski when you hear your associates mention that they are looking for an accounting firm for auditing, fraud examination or certified public accounting.

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