Ralph Romano 11-5-14

Ralph Romano is our Life Insurance member. Ralph presented us with three cases studies of clients he has recently helped with their life insurance requirements. In the first case, he was asked to review a plan for a 77 year old man who had not reviewed his policy in the past 20 years. Ralph’s review revealed that the client could retain the same $2.1 million dollar death benefit policy but by switching to a product Ralph recommended, he could eliminate the $49K annual premium.

In the second case, a 67 year old business owner, with no policy review in over 30 years, was able to purchase a policy with over 2 times the death benefit for the same premium.

In the third case, a 40 year old businesswoman was able to purchase a whole life policy by paying out a premium equivalent to the amount she would pay an additional minimum wage employee. By adding this extra “employee”, she could secure herself a reasonable retirement portfolio and not have to pay premiums after the first 20 years. For additional detail, please contact Ralph Romano.

Remember Ralph Romano and Allstate Financial Services when you hear you associates mention that they need to review their life insurance portfolio and are looking for an agent who will do some creative thinking on their behalf.


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