Randall Heman 01-07-15

Randall Heman is our Bookkeeping Services member. Randall shared examples of some of the clients his business serves. Randall stated that he is currently expanding his business by working with individuals in addition to working with companies.

In his first example, in his working with an individual who is under hospice care, he is able to allow the family to spend as much time as possible with their loved one rather than spend their time on the financial management tasks. Randall is able to collect the bills, organize them into payment sequence, write checks (but never sign them) and prepare a report for the family to review. In the case of working with a family whose loved one has passed, Randall is able to organize and gather together all the asset information making sure they are all accounted for. Randall stressed that he does not act in the capacity of an estate administrator, but his serves are beyond what a family normally can do.

Another of Randall’s clients are a married couple where the husband, who has always handled all the family finances, faces health issues and the wife is overwhelmed with the bill paying. Randall can present them with reports about the bills, timing on payments and make sure that the payments are made and the bank accounts reconciled.

Randall also outlined his services for larger companies that need an outside bookkeeping service for oversight since they can often be the most vulnerable to inside theft. Remember Randall Heman and Count On Us when you hear your associates mention that they are looking for an outside bookkeeper or that they have elderly loved ones who are struggling to handling their finances.


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