Randall Heman 01-27-16

Randall Heman is our Bookkeeping Services member. Randall gave us several examples of his client base. One is a private school who was using an old PeachTree accounting system and Randall helped them transition to a QuickBooks system. He had to help them convert their data and clean-up their records. He also has a large Not-For-Profit where he handles the day to day bookkeeping to keep the business going and to streamline their accounting operations. He also has a number of clients who are individuals who either don’t want to personally manage their money or are not capable of handling their money. He produces a monthly report for them that states where the money has gone and handles the transactions through electronic payments. For some of his clients, Randall can help them get business loans, do the paperwork acting as a liaison.

Randall described his ideal client as small single proprietors who don’t need a lot of on-site services, larger companies who need additional help. He does more virtual work than face to face. Remember Randall Heman and Count On Us when you hear your associates mention that they are looking for outside or additional help with their bookkeeping or record keeping and management.

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