Randall Heman 04-30-14

Randall Heman is our Bookkeeping Services member.

Randall described the four different types of bookkeeping services he offers his clients.

1.) Standard bookkeeping – organize payables, receivables, reconcile bank accounts and charge card and use QuickBooks or other accounting software.

2.) Situational or Non-Standard bookkeeping – recreate a lost or corrupted data base, transitioning data from an old bookkeeping platform to QuickBooks.

3.) Preventative – monitor an in-house bookkeeper, check for fraud on both sides of the ledger as in checking for legitimate vendors, monitoring cost structure.

4.) Individual Concierge bookkeeping – managing the personal finances of a senior or other individual. Monitoring the incoming bills making sure that the checks are sent out to the correct vendor for the correct amount. Organizing the personal finances, gathering the records, managing the necessary data and producing a summary report. Randall stressed that in this function, he is not a trustee and doesn’t sign the checks.

Remember Randall Heman and Count On Us when you hear your associates mention that they are looking for the services of an outside bookkeeper.

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