Randall Heman 05-01-19

When Randall works with a client that gets behind on their bookkeeping he first looks at the income and expenses of the company. One particular client had two bank accounts which both had current records with a consistent dollar amount of money being paid. When Randall sees patterns he tries to track down the reasons instead of merely entering the transactions.

Turns out the client, who did contracting work, was getting loans to pay off upfront costs but not billing the costs to the customer and that was hurting the client’s credit. Randall advised using the loan money to pay off credit cards and with the better credit score get lines of credit instead of loans. Then the client can give the option to customers of the need to pay more upfront for the costs or to pay for the interest on a loan.

Give Randall a call if you want to work with a bookkeeper that can give additional business advice beyond just entering transactions.


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