Randall Heman 12-11-19

You can always count on Randall Heman to always provide us with insight on how people could potentially be stealing from you.

Considering the average amount stolen by an employee is around $190,000.00 over the course of their employment, it’s extremely important for small businesses to hire a professional to oversee all money going in and out of their company. 

Enter Count on Us, a bookeeping firm that gives you the peace of mind of a professional who can oversee your reconciliation, accounts payable, and “never touch the money”.  Randall heeded warnings on allowing the same person who is in charge of not only reconciling claims, but also accounts payable, stating that they have the most access to steal without anyone knowing.  His recommendation is to hire an outsourced bookkeeping service to ensure that everything is accounted for appropriately. 

Randall is able to also oversee operations remotely, allowing his services to expand beyond the normal given constraints of physically having to oversee everything.

For more information on how to get the most out of your business, and keep all of it under control, reach out to count on us by visiting their website https://www.counton-us.com/.

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