Randall Heman 4-22-15

Randall Heman is our Bookkeeping services member. Randall described his business as helping out small to medium sized businesses, based more on the number of hours or transactions they need. He can help them with the management of customer deposits, reconcile accounts, and generate meaningful reports that give the clients a better handle on their cash flow. Some of Randall’s work is done on-sight at the client’s location such as doing invoicing and payables. He also is able to work virtually in that he can access their data remotely and produce the required documents and send back the reports electronically. He can also download the QuickBooks files, do his work and send back the data. With larger companies, he may supplement the work of the internal staff or perhaps act in an auditing capacity. Randall stated that people stop stealing when they know that someone is watching them and they might be caught. Randall also is able to take data that is in an older accounting system and convert it to QuickBooks format to help people catch up with their paperwork. Randall mentioned that he is looking for contacts with Personal Injury attorneys, tax professionals and trust attorneys. He is also currently working with seniors and their adult children to help management their bills. He finds that bookkeeping is not complicated, it is just a matter of keeping current.

Remember Randall Heman and Count On Us when you hear your associates mention that they are looking for an outside bookkeeper to bring their financial operations into order. 

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