Randall Heman 8-2-17

Randall is usually hired after a business owner has started having problems. He is good at spotting the cause which sometimes involves criminal activity. He gave some tips on what to look for.

Since checks printed with ink can be changed fairly easily by washing off the ink look for an increased amount of refunds being issued. Also possible is the double billing to vendors. The real bill is paid and paid again but the vendor is changed after the check is written.

Sometimes it’s just vendor error. Billing the wrong amounts or other mistakes. Be careful with any automatic payments. Make sure you know what is being paid for.

Randall’s services go beyond simple bookkeeping data entry but takes an interest in looking over what is going on with the business to resolve problems and prevent others.

Give Randall a call if bookkeeping is taking too much of your time or if you want an independent party to look over the finances.

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