Randall Heman 8-21-19

Its accrual world out there, and thankfully we have Randall Heman to show us what to look out for when hiring people to keep our books.

Randall with Count on Us gave us some great points to include in our procedures to make sure employees are not stealing from the business.

From opening your own bank statements, to having your A/R done by a 3rd party, double checking for potential “Caspers” on your payroll, Randall was able to shine a light on areas that could be improved in any business.

Some key points he advised us to do if using Quickbooks specifically were:

  • Closing periods
    • Prevents retroactive adjustments from being made
    • Allows you to double check past records to make sure information was accurate
  • Scan Checks
    • Provides visual amounts to double check amount that was deposited
  • Do not use Admin as primary login
    • Create separate logins for every user (including yourself if you own the business)
    • If changes made while on Admin, cannot be adjusted
For more information on the services Randall can offer your business, visit https://www.counton-us.com ​​​​​​​today!

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