Randall Heman 9-17-14

Randall Heman is our Bookkeeping member. Randall gave us examples of the type of clients that he services. The list includes: for profit businesses, not for profits, even individuals. He described his “sweet spot” client as not necessarily based on size, but more based on the number of transaction that they have to deal within a given time period. How much paper work they generate and how much time that they have to spend on that paperwork become important factors in a businesses decision to use Randall. One of the questions that Randall uses is: How long would it take for the business to replace their monetary asset if they were stolen.

He said that you can’t always tell that theft is occurring by looking at the checking account. Randall can go through the financial documents and look for trends, repeat transactions, performing an analysis of the business. He stated emphatically that he does not tell the management how to run their business, but will sit down with the profit/loss statements and assess where the business stands. He also can do reconstruction of the data in the case of loss, reconstruct the chart of accounts, and project work. Randall has also expanded his list of services by offering to work with seniors on their expense and bill management.

Remember Randall Heman and Count On Us when you hear associates mention that they are struggling with their paperwork management.

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