Ray Lamantia 06-10-15

Ray LaMantia is our Property and Casualty Insurance member. Ray started out by explaining some of the insurance issues involved when using the Uber transportation system. Ray stated that personal liability insurance ends when the Ubr ride begins. There are some risks involvd when you go into a Uber car. Ray then gave us a “How much do you know about Ray” quiz. Some of the pertinent facts: Ray worked at the Chicago Board of Trade before joining Allstate in 1999. His first office was in Glenview. He relocated his office to Skokie in 2001. Ray was instrumental in providing a grant to the Skokie Library . He has been president of LeTip several times and has almost continuously been on the LeTip or PRO boards. Two years ago he had a program at Village Inn what was hosted by WGN’s Bill Left.

Remember Ray LaMantia and Allstate Insurance when you hear your associates mention that they are looking for an experienced and well versed insurance agent for their home, business, auto or other mechanical toys. Also personal umbrella liability insurance.

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