Ray Lamantia – 5-28-14

Ray LaMantia is our Property and Casualty Insurance member.

Ray mentioned that recently GEICO passed Allstate in revenue. Ray focussed his presentation on the advantages that Allstate offers its customers that its competitors don’t offer. Allstate is taking its place in the market seriously. With an Allstate policy, you can take your car into the body of your choice for repairs. Allstate offers many different types of endorsements on their policies.

When Ray presents a quotation to his clients, he spells out the options available with the policy so that the client can make an educated decision about coverage vs. costs with respect to coverage limits, rental car and towing options and even personal umbrella policies. He has found that doing this has helped with client retention.

Allstate offers a telemetrics program which determines a vehicles mileage, braking, time of day driving which are all factors in determining policy premium discounts. Allstate even offers a Teen Smart discount to teen who participate in a one-time class given by Allstate.

Remember Ray LaMantia and Allstate Insurance when you hear your associates mention that they are looking for a competitive quote on their property and casualty insurance. 


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