Ray LaMantia 9-24-14

Ray LaMantia is our Property and Casualty Insurance member. Ray explained the process he uses in establishing the rates for Condominium insurance. He started out with a competitive $128 quote for the insurance. Ray then takes the extra step to offer his client or potential client several options for additional products which offer coverage for losses that would not usually be included.  He mentioned Property Protection and Family Liability insurance as options.

When Ray gets a client, he offers 2 quotes, he wants to show them everything available, kind of like a menu of services that he can supply. His concern is what does the client need to insure. He provides a tool that ccntains a cost estimator based on factors that the client supplies. This makes sure that there is enough insurance. Offen issues like paint and drywall are not necessarily considered in replacement cost estimates. He wants to make sure that the unit owners has enough insurance to provide for covered perils. Some policies are even written to make sure that the assessments are included in the insured. Ray did stress that these are not policies designed to cover maintenance issues,

Remember Ray LaMantia and Allstate Insurance when you hear your associates mention that they are looking for a property and casualty insurance agent for their home, auto, condo or other motorized toys.

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