Rich Block 03-11-20

Rich Block is a master at his craft.  He’s able to get your business in front of clients creatively to ensure you’re always at the top of their mind.

During this current healthcare situation and the outbreak of COVID-19, Rich’s team has the available supplies that are necessary to keep everyone safe during these times.  However, there are many items which have become unavailable due to necessity on a national scale.

Kleenex boxes and lens wipes are available, and with many places going to a work from home setting, may be a great way to ensure your product reaches your potential clients.

The most notable product that has become unavailable due to demand is hand sanitizing products.  There are many products that are unavailable at this point, to the degree that many companies are unsure what options may be available during the holiday season.

Do yourself and your business a favor, and get on Rich’s list soon, to ensure your business is still in front of your customers during this trying time.

Visit to find out which products will provide you with the most facetime for your clients.

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