Rob Sadoff 4-1-15

Rob Sadoff is our Commercial Real Estate member. Rob explained that he has 13 years experience in the commercial real estate business. He operates a group of realtors with the @properties called Sadoff Properties Group. He provides full service real estate brokerage services. They are in the top 50 brokers of @properties. He believes in growth through backing other agents, building a strong network by focusing on branding and communications. He represents all types of asset classes and types. He works with other agents and brokers to provide a greater exposure of the available property. The market is thriving in business commercial property. Management, brokers and investors are all willing to taking a little more risk than they have been recently. Ultimately, it is all about location, real estate is driven by location.

He feels that, at this point, many multi-family units are overpriced, but has picked up recently. Suburban retail locations are not as good right now. In Skokie, Rob has been seeing an uptick in property movement. Rob feels that his success is based on his personal relationships with his clients. Rob also passed out a folder with a sample of properties he represents and data about the current trends in the commercial real estate market.

Remember Rob Sadoff and @properties Commercial when you hear your associates mention that they are looking for a new location for their businesses or are looking to invest in commercial real estate properties.

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