Sam Eckerling 03-04-15

Sam Eckerling is our Printer member. Sam opened in 1978 and has seen many changes in the printer industry. Sam stressed that he treats his customers the way he would expect to be treated. That applies to the way he treats all the referral business that is sent to him. Everyone who you sent to him gets the royal treatment, it is all about the service. Sam is proud of the fact that he has outlived most of his competition. He used to have to actually typeset his copy and alterations required retypesetting the document. Now most of his customers have computers and printers. It is hard to print envelopes on a home printer so Sam finds that he is doing a lot of envelopes. Sam attributes his longevity to being willing to adapt and change with the business, go with the flow.

Companies that offer printing services over the internet are also¬†competition, but in actuality, they can only print what is submitted to them without taking the opportunity to review that submission. Sam can look at what his customers present him and offer suggestions that will improve the outcome. Remember Sam Eckerling and Print-XPress when you hear your associates mention that they are in need of printing services for envelopes, letterhead, business cards in general… Quality Printing at Affordable Pricing.

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