Sam Eckerling 05-20-15

Sam Eckerling is our Printer member. Sam asked us to think of him and PrintX-Press when we hear our associates mention that they are looking for business cards, letterhead, posters, raffle tickets, photos, banners, mail list merging and fulfillment, catalogues, envelopes. Originally, Sam did a fair amount of photocopying, but now everyone has a household printer/computer and can do a lot of the work themselves. But often that can lead up to problems, and who do you turn to. You have to evaluate what the piece is worth to you to have it done right and what is the piece doing for you. Sam explained that their aren’t any simple jobs anymore. He focusses his business on the level of personal service he offers. He discussed doing mailings that often in order to be effective, there must be an offer and the mailing should be repeated to increase its effectiveness. Sam also asked us to pass on to him if he does something wrong so that he has the opportunity to correct any error.

Remember Sam Eckerling and Print X-Press when you hear your associates mention that they are looking for a full service printer with the personal touch.

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