Sam Eckerling 07-15-15

Sam Eckerling is our Printer member. Sam reminded us of his motto, “Quality printing at affordable prices!” Sam gave us an update on what is happening with the Mom and Pop printing shops which have been impacted with the use of the internet. Many potential clients look up printing products on their computers and shop strictly on price. The 20% markup on invitations used to be good, but now doesnt cover costs. Sam and his staff can offer the personal services to make sure that the client gets exactly what they specified they wanted. He can offer suggestions about products based on the end use. He is finding an increased amount of walk-in trade based on YELP reviews. He stressed the importance of checking your YELP reviews for accuracy and to explain to your clients that their submitting a positive YELP review is helpful. He finds that his policy of treating his customers as he would like to be treated is the key to his success. He has returned to his method of personally delivering some of his orders to reconnect with his customer base Cheapest is not always the best.

Remember Sam Eckerling and PrintX-Press when you hear your associates mention that they are looking for a local printer who offers personal service.

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