Sam Eckerling 6-25-14

Sam Eckerling is our Printer member. Sam explained that he focuses his business on the premise that he wants to treat people as he would want to be treated. He has built his business through his personal contacts and developing a referral network. He stressed the importance of making sure that we handle referrals to that our actions are a positive reflection of both our business and that of the business that made the referral to us.

Sam¬†mentioned that since opening the business in 1978, he has ridden the roller coaster of a changing market and changing technology.¬†Although home computers and printer have made it easier to produce home quality printing, when it comes to doing commercial printing, you really have to know what you are doing. What you may see on your computer screen may not translate to a quality printed image when it is enlarged to the size of the final document. Colors are dependent on the printer used, but Sam has the capacity to match colors exactly. Originally, most printing was done on paper. Sam brought us examples of his printing on canvas substrates. He also has the capacity to print images on paper that is 42″ wide by up to 100 feet long (banner style). Sam also mentioned that he has employees who have been with him for many years.

Remember Sam Eckerling and Print-XPress when you hear you associates mention that they are looking for the services of a full-service printer.

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