Steve Taich 02-19-20

Steve Taich provided us with some information to help differentiate the type of work he is able to do to secure proper coverage for his clients.  Customer service being his #1 priority, he is available long after the sale to troubleshoot and find problems to solve.  The healthcare landscape is a very confusing place to be, and if you do not have the proper team around you, especially in the healthcare insurance realm, it can be even more difficult to find a solution. 

Steve primarily focuses assisting seniors in the Medicare arena.  Because Steve doesn’t need to get paid by his clients, he is able to spend ample time with each and every prospect to go over their current coverage.  If it makes more sense for them from a financial and overall coverage perspective, Steve will advise them to either change their plan that would be more beneficial, or to stay where they’re at (I’ve seen this first hand).  His honesty and integrity keeps his clients coming back year after year to make sure they’re informed on the newest plans and guidance from the subject matter expert in Medicare plans.

Steve gets the majority of his clients by speaking at libraries or senior centers.  He is able to address people’s concerns either on a one-on-one basis or in an audience format to help bring more clarity to a constantly changing industry.  

You can rest assured that Steve will keep your best interests at heart through Assured Insurance Solutions. Learn more by visiting his website at

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