Steve Taich 05-09-18

Steve spoke about a new type of long term health insurance offered by Guaranteed Trust & Life. It can cover up to 365 days of in home care including having a registered nurse come. 60 days of live in care also covered. This time is renewable if you can prove your medical needs have improved. So you can be on coverage and then off then on again based on your needs.

This is a good solution if you didn’t get regular long term care insurance when younger and now the premiums are too costly. It can also be used in conjunction with other insurance to fill in gaps of time (exclusion period) or coverage.

There are different levels of plans with different options such as home health care, prescription drug coverage, online assistance from the Mayo clinic. Medicare exams are not required to apply and a hospital stay is not needed to start coverage.

Call Steve if you are interested in this important additional coverage.

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