Steve Taich 09-25-19

Navigating the healthcare system is always confusing, but Steven is able to make the cloudiest vision clear again.

Mr. Taich provided us with different ways to help minimize healthcare costs, and also advised us on some types of plans that may not provide us with the full coverage we’d need.

Plans such as “church plans”, Co-Ops, indemnity health plans, and groups like Hooray Health may not be providing their members with the full coverage they’re expecting, leaving many with out of pocket expenses they may not have planned for.

These plans he mentioned, may be beneficial for those who are overall fairly healthy, however those who may need more extensive coverage, including potential hospital care, may get the short end of the stick in those cases.  

Steven also highlighted the change in HMO plans and how they have expanded due to the merges occuring in larger hospital systems such as NorthShore and Advocate.  

His advice is to look at the different drug plans, what recurring health issues you see on a day to day basis, and what would be more important to you and your family, broader coverage, or cost savings.

For more information on how to make sure you and your family are covered appropriately for your health and well-being, visit his website at or contact him today.

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