Steve Taich 10-3-18

Steve has spoken before about the different types of Medicare coverage. There is Part A which covers hospitalization and is paid by the govt. Part B which is outside hospital which is paid by the consumer. Supplement insurance to help pay for things like deductibles and co-pays not covered by A & B. Part D for prescription drug costs.

Then there is Part C which combines A, B & D into one. It is called Medicare Advantage and is offered by private insurance companies.It’s most similar to the insurance plans offered to people under 65. It has co-pays but most don’t have deductibles.

So which plan is better? It depends on your personal health situation. If you are expecting many upcoming expenses then traditional Medicare might be better. If not, then the Medicare Advantage plans are cheaper.

Give Steve a call if you or someone you know of an age considering Medicare plans. Open enrollment begins Oct. 15th through Dec. 7th.

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