Steve Taich 12-16-15

Steve Taich is our Medicare, Health and Long Term Care Insurance member. Steve defined Health Insurance as “What If” insurance, Life Insurance as “Them” Insurance and Long Term Care as “Me” Insurance. Long Term Care provides coverage so that you care remain at home receiving the care you need to remain where you are most comfortable. Family care is stressful. The premiums are pennies to the dollar when you consider the value of the benefits you receive. There are many types of plans and you can choose your coverage, some even can provide a cash benefit. Some policies also have inflation protection provisions and some allow for covering expenses to modifying your home so you can age-in-place. It all depends on how you want to stretch the pool of money that the insurance provides. There are also varying elimination periods. Benefits can be shared with a spouse under certain policies. The premiums are frozen once the policy is put into effect. And some policies offer a return of premium option.
Remember Steve Taich and Assured Insurance Solutions when you hear your associates mention that they are considering Long Term Care insurance to pay for future in-home care for themselves or their loved ones. 

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