Steve Taich 5-14-14

Steve Taich is our Healthcare Insurance member. Steve fielded questions from the PRO members about Healthcare insurance issues.

One of the points he made is that employers can not contribute to an employee’s health insurance if the employee is on an individual policy. This could be cause for denial of a claim. If you want to contribute to an employee’s healthcare policy, it should be added to their paycheck as income and will be taxed accordingly. Steve also answered some questions about the Affordable Care Act (ACA). There are two basic factors that affect the premium cost – age and smoking. Steve stressed that each case must be handled on an individual basis since there are no exact answers. He also pointed out that employees who are let go and given the opportunity to participate in a COBRA plan, must remain on that plan for the entire 18 months if they elect to accept COBRA. They will not have the option of applying for ACA until they are finished with the 18 months. They only way they could get off the COBRA is if they become employed and eligible for that employer’s healthcare plan. It all seems so confusing, so check with Steve for the correct answers to any questions.

Remember Steve Taich and Assured Insurance Solutions when you hear your associates have questions about healthcare insurance issues.

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