Steve Taich 5-6-15

Steve Taich is our Health Insurance member. Steve took the time to explain the program for Medicare known as Medicare Advantage. This program is gaining popularity as an alternative to Medicare Supplements. You are allowed to select a Medicare Advantage program which best suits your needs. They can be HMO or PPO programs and you are allowed to make changes in your selection. If effect you are choosing a private healthcare insurance provider in the effort to save money. There can be a ceiling on out of pocket expenses. Steve passed out a very large book that listed all the providers who will accept payment from Medicare Advantage for their services. HeĀ also gave us a handout which outlined a sample of the coverage defined by Humana Gold Plus H1406-013 HMO Chicago which defined the plan costs, copays for services in categories, prescription drug coverage, lab services coverage, and al the routine services and their amounts of coverage.

Remember Steve Taich when you hear your associates mention that they are interested in enrolling in Health Care insurance or Medicare Insurance

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