Thomas Guth 01-14-15

Thomas Guth is our Jeweler member. Thomas described diamonds for us. Diamonds are defined by their properties of hardness and  brilliance. Their hardness comes from their formation in the heat and pressure of volcanos and can be found in dormant volcanos. Diamonds are the hardest substance and are use on the heads of drilling and cutting tools. Their brilliance comes from their refractive index (the bending of the light as it enters the diamond). Jewelers take advantage of this by cutting the surface of the stone to 29 degrees so that the light will bounce around inside of the diamond giving it the glimmer effect. In their formation, various impurities can be included within the stone that can give it a color. Thomas mentioned that nitrogen inclusions cause yellow diamonds. Generally, the darker the color, the more a diamond is subject to weakness that can cause it to fracture.

Thomas cautioned us to only purchase diamonds which have been certified. He stated that he has all of the diamonds he works with GIA certified. The process of his creating a jewelry piece starts when Thomas consults with his client to determine their wants. He then can sketch his design and create a wax form or CAD design. The metal is then cast and the stone set in the finished product. Remember Thomas Guth and Thomas Jewelers when you hear your associates mention that they are looking for custom designed fine jewelry. 


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