Thomas Guth 09-09-15

Thomas Guth is our Jeweler member. Thomas first discussed the fine metals that he uses to design his jewelery. Gold predominates and currently the price per ounce is down from the highs last year. Investment in gold is still a personal decision, Another popular metal, platinum, is currently below it high value, but is favored for its luxurious white coloration.

When it comes to selecting gems for your jewelry, Thomas stated that he only uses GIA certified gems. This means that a gem’s color, weight, clarity and proportions meet exacting standards. Diamonds, in order to produce the maximum natural brilliance, are cut to exact proportions to take advance of the light reflectance within the stone itself. Diamonds refract light at a 29 degree angle. Changing the cut angle affects the way light bounces aroung inside the diamond and changes it properties. Thomas referred to it as manipulating light. He then passed around the forms he used to create many pieces and photos of the finished artwork. He also email or texted the PRO members with several color photos of his work.

Remember Thomas Guth and Thomas Jewelers when your hear your associated mention that they are looking for a special piece of jewelry.

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