Tim Youkhana 06-19-19

Tim is working with various organizations to get healthcare access to community members and to promote careers in healthcare. The JCFS & JVS provide certification for pharmacist technicians and training for national exams. Tim’s pharmacy can provide internships for students in this program.

He is also working with the District 219 Healthcare Foundation to get high schoolers interested in pharmacy work. Students can’t legally work until after graduation but can see what the work would entail.

By working with the Skokie Dept. of Health, Tim acts as a bridge between Assyrians and the rest of the Skokie community. Their A.C.E. program (Adverse Childhood Events) treats kids with physical & emotional problems before it comes a life long problems. Goes beyond just giving them a drug.

Tim’s pharmacy is taking the lead in now longer dispensing opiods and other addictive drugs. Stop by to get a more personal experience than the big name drug stores.

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