Tim Youkhana 08-14-19

Dr. Youkhana highlighted some of the programs that the Assyrian Family Health Alliance has in place for individuals and organizations.

During the initial part of the presentation, Dr. Youkhana provided us with insight on the DRUG SCREENING PROGRAM the AFHA has for businesses.

The benefits for implementing such a program include:

  • Lower workman’s comp premiums
  • Less sick days taken from work by employees
  • Higher productivity from employees
The goal for the AFHA by providing employers with this program is to identify employees who may not be seeking the help they need when abusing illicit substances.  The hope is not to create a reason for termination, more so to provide resources for treatment providers.

The cost for providing such a service is substantially less than their competitors, and the AFHA can provide on-site randomized testing, something not typically offered by the competition.  

Dr. Youkhana also spoke about their ongoing raffle for 2 tickets to the NFL opening day game between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers. 

All proceeds for the raffle will be donated towards an athletic club and copay assistance for patients who cannot afford their medications at Dirmanna Pharmacy.  The link to purchase raffle tickets can be found by following this link: https://rafflecreator.com/pages/31818/bears-v-packers-opening-day-tickets

To learn more about their drug screening program and other programs the AFHA has to offer, visit https://www.theafha.org/contact.

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