Tom Daly 02-12-20

The Eagle Scout leader kept his poise throughout our technical difficulties with the projector, and provided us with a wonderful explanation on the types of work Andy on  Call can help with.

Although Dave Newman and Andy On Call share the title of craftsmen and handymen, Tom was able to provide some keen insight on where the differentiation occurs, and its mainly on job size.  With many of the jobs Andy on Call takes on, it’s more than a one person requirement, and typically is a multi-day job, such as bathroom remodels, deck installation and repairs, or stairway repairs. 

These two power partners have been trading leads for years, and gives us all an opportunity to try and find our own power partner within the group to really get our business to the next level.

Although there are some jobs that Tom is not equipped to do (i.e. roofing), there are many others that fall within their realm of 45 years worth of expertise.  Whether its grounding electrical lines, plumbing issues, drywall repairs, or simply getting your house up to snuff before listing it to sell, Tom’s team has the experience you need to get the job done in a professional, quick and clean manner.

Andy on Call serves the majority of the North Shore area, and will soon be extending their service area out to the western suburbs (i.e. Des Plaines/west of 294)

So remember the next time that you find out you’re not handy, call Andy.  To book their services or learn more about what Andy on Call can help you with, visit

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