Tom Wuellner 09-16-15

Tom Wuellner is our Internet Phone Provider member. Tom talked about the concept of bringing value to your customer. The concept of providing quality vs. cost equals value. He stated that once he places one of his phones on someone’s desk, they rarely focus on the features the phone provides, but they will be sure to point out the value of the customer services that he and VoiceWalker provide that customer. While he finds that with the VOIP service he can save his customers substantial money on their monthly bills, he also takes a personal interest in their overall satisfaction with the product. Once you sign the order with VoiceWalker, there isn’t any cost creep. They do not require the customent sign long term contracts. He finds that if you provide a quality product, customers don’t leave. Over time, technology becomes more affordable. In terms of real numbers, he finds 20 to 70% reduction in phone service costs. Many PRO members offered recommendations for Tom and VoiceWalkers service.

Remember Tom Wuellner and VoiceWalker when you hear your associates mention that they are looking to reduce their phone service costs.

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