Tom Wuellner 12-3-14

Tom Wuellner is our Internet Phone Services member. Tom described his business as working with small to medium sized businesses who currently are using a landline telephone system. The acronym VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. In general, his market is business that have between 1 and 50 phones. Currently VOIP is growing and replacing landlines. In most cases, the costs for VOIP are significantly lower than that of landlines.

Tom will take the time to analyze the bill to determine the amount of savings his services will provide. He described the phone that he provides as little computers in their functionality. He has a staff of tech people as support staff that can rapidly respond to clients needs. One of VoiceWalkers other advantages is that they offer month to month contract rather than holding their clients to long term arrangements. They feel that their services are so good, that customers will not want to switch. If the internet goes down for whatever reason, you can access your account from even your cell phone and direct where you want your call forwarded to so your business is not interrupted. You can determine how your phone rings, how it is forwarded (to another cell phone, or another land line, etc).

Remember Tom Wuellner and VoiceWalker when you hear your associates mention that they are looking to improve their phone services and save on the costs.

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