Tom Wuellner 7-23-14

Tom Wuellner is our Voice Over Internet Phone (VOIP) member. Tom asked us to pay attention to our contacts who still conduct business over a phone that they have sitting on their desk since those contacts would be perfect referrals to him for his business. This could include:  dentists, lawyers, accountants, other businesses with landlines. Tom used the illustration of copper wire Landlines vs. internet service as provided by VoiceWalker as comparable to using a drinking straw vs. a fire hose. As compared to services provide by a cable company, there are a lot more opportunity to have customizable features when using a service like VoiceWalker. The customer service provided by VoiceWalker can have the phones fixed quickly on site. Their goal is to provide the best customer service available.

Most other providers require extended contracts in order to use their services. VoiceWalker provides their service on a month to month basis. Tom used the example of after several service calls to the Skokie Chamber office for phone firmware issues, Tom arranged to provide new phones in the office to resolve the problem. Several other PRO members also gave testimonials about Tom’s customer services and VoiceWalker. 

Remember Tom Wuellner and VoiceWalker when you hear your associates mention that they are looking to reduce their telephone costs. 

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