Tom Wuellner 8-10-16

Tom looks at client’s current situation and advises whether they should stay or go with him. 

Voice-over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phones can be programmed to do anything you want a phone to do such as ring first at your desk then your cell if unanswered, ring a certain phone first and then a set sequence of other phones, etc. Can be controlled away from office via phone’s website. Any messages left can be saved as mp3 files.

Tom has found that many people are not aware of what they are paying for on their bills. He can advise them on how they can reduce their bills sometimes up to 50%.

In order to provide the best possible services, Tom goes back multiple times to a client’s office to make sure they are satisfied and any problems are solved.

Give Tom a call if you hear anyone talking about how much they pay for their phone service.

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