Van Schwab 05-02-18

Van spoke about what Illinois divorce law says about “prohibitive” marriages which is when you have or tried to marry your first cousin. It is illegal in most states to do so if you are still of child-bearing age. This is different than an “invalid” marriage which you are seeking to get an annulment.

Marriages to first cousins are more common in foreign countries such as Pakistan where they are legal. If you are a citizen and living in a country where it is legal and then come to the U.S. your marriage would be recognized as legal but not the other way around. If you live here and go to another country with the purpose of marrying there and coming back then the marriage is illegal. Problems come up when seeking a divorce and alimony from a marriage that was not legal from the beginning.

This is just one type of client Van services so give him a call whatever your family law needs are.

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