Van Schwab 12-16-15

Van Schwab is our Family Law Attorney member. Van reviewed changes in the Illinois Family Laws that would soon take effect. The term “custody” is not legal language in Illinois regarding children. The updated term is “Allocation of Parenting” . Van stated that although the law changed, some aspects are not addressed. Other changes are in the divorce law where the only grounds are now “irreconcilable differences”. He said that this is similar to Colorado law. It covers things like parental obligations, education and education expenses, significant time spent, prenuptual agreements, decision making, who physically has the child more than 50% of the time. The law also impacts spousal support (formerly called alimony) There are complex formulas based on income and time of marriage which factor into the support amounts. Other factor would include remarriage and relocation.

Remember Van Schwab and Van Schwab Attorney At Law when you hear your associates mention that they are looking for advise to navigate the complexities of family law. 

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