Van Schwab 3-15-17

Van discussed some changes he has seen in his practice. Couples with no children are now fighting over custody of pets. He expects the new child support laws will increase litigation over it goes into effect July 1st. The combined income of both parents will be factored in to the payment as well as the time spent with the child(ren).

Other custody issues deal with problems with Internet pornography and if the child has Autism or Asberger’s disease. Custody would be given the the parent who will benefit the child the most.

Regarding the payment of college education, the exposure is limited to the cost of the University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana. If the custodial parent chooses the send the child to a more expensive school, he/she must pay the difference.

Give Van a call if you know someone needing help with the new custody laws.

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