Van Schwab 4-15-15

Van Schwab is our Family Law Attorney member. Van discussed child support and same-sex adoptions. There are new guidelines that defined how cases of child care cases are resolved and litigated. There are established caps on the amount of child support based on the number of children . Some deviations from the guidelines are allowed determined by special cases such as other children living in the household who have other parents. Child support is withheld from income unless the payer is self-employed where the payer has to send in the payment on their own.
Van stated that the law is in transition on same-sex adoptions. The Supreme Court has not made a final ruling on same-sex marriages. There are issues with woman/woman marriages where one partner is the natural parent and the other partner has to adopt as opposed to the man/man marriage where both partners may have to adopt. Van then fielded questions from PRO members. 
Remember Van Schwab and Schwab Family Law when you hear your associated mention that they are in need of the services of a family law attorney.


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