Van Schwab 5-7-14

Van Schwab is our Attorney, Family Law member. Van described the challenges he faces in divorce cases with the equitable property distribution. Regardless of how you divide, it is hard to be equitable. Van prepares initial agreements about support and distribution and then the involved parties have a basis to open the discussion. Included in the agreement can be provisions for future assets and future expenses. Each of the parties bring their own expectations to the agreement discussion. Van mention that they do what they can to reach an agreement outside of court. When there are out-of-line expectations, there may have to be a court order.

Issues that Van described include the impact of health issues, out of wedlock relationships, guardianships of minors and college expenses. Van stated that his services often have a component of counseling to them, especially in the initial review. He has to key into his clients intentions so that he can represent their interests. Van then fielded questions from the PRO members.

Remember Van Schwab and Schwab Family Law when you hear your associates mention that they need the services of a family law attorney.

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